Cam Jordan “more rejuvenated than ever before” entering 2021

As the Saints begin a new era at quarterback, one of their longtime defensive players is hoping to continue executing at a high level.

Defensive end Cam Jordan recorded 7.5 sacks last year — his first time finishing below double digits since 2016 — but still was named a Pro Bowler. He’s entering his 11th season with New Orleans and will turn 32 in a few weeks. But he’s still feeling motivated to earn an elusive Super Bowl ring.

“I’m more hungry now than ever,” Jordan said recently, via Mike Triplett of ESPN.

Jordan’s father, Steve, was a six-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Vikings. But he never won a title either.

“So this is something that I’m chasing,” Jordan said. “Year [11] is really Year 1 starting back up again. Ten years behind me, ten years ahead of me. … I’m more rejuvenated than ever before.”

Jordan also thinks he’ll remain effective in his 30s because he’s studied players who’ve come before.

“You talk about Calais Campbell [who], after he turned 30, had his best year,” Jordan said. “Brandon Graham having his best years after he turned 30. I’ve talked to Bruce Smith and I’ve looked at Mike Strahan’s careers. These are the years where they really made strides for a push-off of being great. It’s like 30 to that 34, 35 era, that you see not only the combination of that physical talent but … [also] the wisdom play in. And that’s what I’ve really been excited about.”

Most of the attention in Saints training camp will rightfully go to the quarterback competition. But if Jordan can lead New Orleans’ defense to a successful 2021, that will take some pressure off an offense that may have some growing pains with a new starting QB for the first time in 15 years.